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St Johns College has a proud tradition of academic excellence, sporting prowess, spiritual development and contributing to the community of Dubbo and beyond, since 1969. St Johns College continues to be inspired by the Mercy and La Sallian traditions. Our faith inspires us all to engage in a better way of being. Our motto of Christ is my light guides us all in the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, compassion and truth.

As a Catholic school community, we are people of hope. We believe in the dignity and inclusion of all which promotes a deep sense of belonging. Our focus on developing positive behaviours promotes respect for self and others. The pastoral care of our students is informed by our faith and motivated by our intrinsic desire to see each student’s gifts and talents grow whilst in our care at St Johns College.

We believe in partnerships with our parents that support the learning growth of our students. It is in partnership that we work to ensure that each student has the opportunity to grow spiritually, academically, socially and physically throughout each student’s journey at St Johns College.

Our focus centralises academic care for all of our students. Learning at St Johns College is not just confined to the classroom- learning encapsulates all aspects of spiritual, social, physical and academic growth. We are committed to provide an educational environment for our students where they are challenged and supported in all facets of their learning. We encourage all of our students to avail themselves of the opportunities available to them at St Johns College whether it be in the classroom, representing the school in sporting endeavours, in their relationships with others, social justice initiatives or engaging in co-curricular activities. We encourage our students to be courageous in their learning in the pursuit of their goals and achievements.

We warmly welcome you to our wonderful community and invite you to be part of the educational experience here at St Johns College.

Nicole Morton

St Johns College

162 Sheraton Road, Dubbo East NSW 2830
PO Box 4019, Dubbo East NSW 2830
Phone: 02 6841 5100

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