Christ is my light

St Johns College was named after St John the Apostle. He proclaimed the message of Jesus with passion and zeal. As a community, we strive to live out the message of Jesus with the same devotion.

St Johns College was established under the dual charisms of the De LaSalle Brothers and the Mercy Sisters. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, each student seeks to develop a faith in the tradition of the Catholic Church and these founders.


LaSalle House Prayer

Help me most loving merciful God, to be grateful for all that I have. Grant me the insight to use my gifts for the betterment of society.

May I follow the example of St John Baptist de La Salle, in helping to bring forth a world of inclusiveness and diversity, a world in which nobody is left behind.


Lennon House Prayer

Grant me O Lord, a spirit of determination. To persevere in time of trial with hope and understanding.

In the footsteps of Brother Julian Lennon, may I strive to achieve my best in all my endeavours.

Help me to succeed with fairness and respect, resting in the truth of your love for me.


McAuley House Prayer

Loving God, you stirred Catherine McAuley to shine her light with kindness and humour. Following her example, help me to share my talents with a smile and an open heart.

Through my actions today, may I build a better tomorrow with persistence, charity and compassion for all.


Moore House Prayer

Lord, you created in Sister Marie Therese Moore a woman of courage and love. Following in her example, may I have a brave vision to show care to others.

May my compassion shine forth, not through the greatness of my deeds, but through the greatness of my love.