Vision and Mission


Our mission at St Johns College is dedicated to educating students in an inclusive, Catholic, Christ - centered environment. We promote respect and encourage students to reach their potential, creating a community to which we all belong.

We realise our mission by Respect, Encorage, Belong.


The St Johns community guides students to build and nurture healthy relationships. This starts with respect for self and respect for others. Creating a culture of respect requires students to understand their rights and responsibilities. It is a culture based on the teachings, traditions and beliefs of the Catholic Church and one where:

  • Diversity is valued
  • Individuals feel their contributions are recognised and acknowledged
  • Expectations regarding behaviour are clearly articulated and modelled by all

Positive and respectful relationships are an important part of a student’s social and emotional development and allows them to develop a sense of belonging. Our positive wellbeing programs and high expectations of students and staff to engage in our values reaffirms the importance our community places on respect.


Students at St Johns are presented with a variety of experiences to develop courage and confidence to embrace opportunity and thrive. This is what we mean when we use encourage as a missional value. Students at St Johns can find ways to excel within their individual talents and interests, while at the same time, being encouraged to discover additional strengths by engaging with new experiences through diverse co-curricular initiatives. Beyond learning and co-curricular experiences, students are challenged to reach their potential through a strong leadership program that develops understanding of servant leadership. Students can represent their peers and their community by becoming involved in:

  • The Student Representative Council
  • Peer Support Programs
  • The Senior Leadership Team and other representative opportunities


Our missional value of belonging is at the core of our Catholic community philosophy. We recognise that a strong sense of identity, shared values and beliefs, and opportunities to grow in a supported and nurtured environment enables belonging. We aim for all of our students to be part of our Catholic community enriched and enlivened by our faith, nurtured and surrounded by strong relationships and a deep sense of connection. We aspire for all to feel welcome in our community, to be included and most importantly, for each student to be recognised for their individual contributions to their class, their cohort, our school, our Parish and the wider Dubbo community. Our staff teams are dedicated to providing students with opportunities to develop individual gifts and talents across wide ranging learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom to enable our students to experience individual learning growth. Our vision is to grow confident self assured students who have a deep sense of their faith, are connected by their shared experiences here at the College and who relentlessly strive to attain the goals they seek to achieve.